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Ship products faster then ever before with total automation

Labels personalised with your logo automatically created for your customers

No more booking in with your carrier – the system does it all for you

Automatic dispatch notifications sent to your customers with tracking codes

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Fully automated picking, packing and labelling for a faster and accurate shipping service.

Shipping & Labelling – Total Automation

Packing your products, labelling them for your customers and notifying your courier can be time consuming if you do everything manually. Copying and pasting addresses into your shipping company’s website and setting up notifications is something you can avoid.

With Cloud Commerce Pro, everything is automated. Once an order is ready for dispatch your label is created for your customer and your carrier. Your system even allows for automatic returns processing. Total automation speeds up your shipping process and keeps your customers happy.

  • Automatic Labelling for your customers with your company logo
  • Automatically logs in to your carrier, creating a label and barcode
  • Notifications sent to your customers when order is shipped
  • Sends tracking reference to customers
  • Returns processing & automated refunds

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Express Pick Paperless

Lightning fast order picking, using our easy-to-use barcode scanning software.


1. Multi-channel stock control


2. Pick many orders at once


3. Visit warehouse bays just once for many orders. Pick orders from many pre-set routines or create your own...


4. Print shipping labels on portable printers or at your pack.


Express Packing Station

The fastest way to pack lots of orders – each one packed in approximately 40 seconds, up to 100 orders per hour, per person.


1. Go to the purpose-built Cloud Commerce Pro Pack Station and scan any item from your earlier pick.


2. The system instantly recognises which order the item belongs to and displays it...


3. It then prints a dispatch label and books the delivery in with your assigned courier.


4. Put in packing box and tape...


5. Stick on the dispatch label – all done!
You're ready to scan your next item. 

Shipping Rules

Set complex shipping rules that ensure your warehouse or picking staff don’t have to make decisions about which postage service is best to use.

Assign multiple carriers and set which one of their services you wish to use in every scenario.

Add exclusions the rules based on locations, weights, sizes or even keywords in addresses to override the main rule and select a different rule. If, for example you always wish to send parcels to multi-occupancy premises you could perhaps add the word ‘Flat’ to the exclusions rules of the standard services and select a signed for service.

Manual override at all times is available subject to permissions assigned to the user.

  • Automatically select best service
  • Always use the most efficient service

Auto Supplier Order Fulfillment

Auto Supplier Order Fulfilment is a new feature of Cloud Commerce Pro.

Our latest updated Drop-ship feature has been improved to allow you to set products to be automatically fulfilled by your suppliers and it does all the communications to send an email to your supplier.

What's more you also convert existing orders in your dispatch queue to be drop ship orders and send them to your supplier.

You can read more here.

  • Automatically fulfil and alert your suppliers to set products
  • Manually analyse orders for their drop ship status
  • Ability to switch manual product standing orders to drop ship order and return to stock

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